Cockroach Control

Cockroaches pose a major problem in the industrial and domestic sector, particularly food handling, food processing, hospitality, etc. They are unsightly to customer and employee alike and can damage the reputation of the Company / Business.


  • Pestex uses a super-attractant bait that is irresistible to cockroaches.
  • Our special premium non-toxic, eco-friendly service is safe and harmless to humans and pets.
  • Professional gel treatment is a hassle-free service as there is no need to vacate the premises or remove utensils from the kitchen and no residual odor.


The service offerings are determined based on an inspection and audit of the premises. However, standard service packages include:

  • An annual contract consisting of 3 to 4 inspection and treatment visits OR
  • A single (one-time) treatment; convertible to an annual contract with supplemental charges.


We offer custom solutions that adhere to ISPM standards and international food safety norms based on the size and operations of the company. Our service consists of thorough inspections, application, monitoring and recommendations on sanitation and proofing.