Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical Industry has zero pest tolerance for pests at production facilities. Pestex understands this need. Pests and infestations at production facilities and research facilities hamper the work progress of pharmaceutical companies by contaminating product during the production and testing process. Pharmaceutical companies have stringent regulatory standards to keep up with (ISO-QMS, HACCP, USFDA, etc). Without hyper-vigilant pest management, quality issues can be heightened leading to increased risks, export bans and huge financial losses.


At Pestex we understand the sensitivity required to manage pests in the highly regulated environments of pharmaceutical facilities. Hence, we provide high quality Integrated Pest Management services that have been tailored for the pharmaceutical industry, with a special emphasis on ensuring the safety of your products.

With our proven solutions and services, we help you manage the threats posed by pests, while maintaining the integrity of the product. This means that you retain the customer confidence in your brand and mitigate any pest risks.

Our team is fully equipped to attend to crisis calls, with a 24-hour timeframe for ‘root-cause analysis’, minimizing the shut-down period. Moreover, our solutions are designed in compliance with ISO-QMS, HACCP, USFDA, WHO-GMP, GHP, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).